Sample Shipping

If you are shipping samples to the Gilbert Lab, please contact Neil Gottel before shipment.

Once you receive confirmation that we are expecting your samples, please follow the directions below.

Shipping Requirements

  1. Ship on dry ice.
  2. Ship on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
  3. For DNA/RNA, if you are shipping more than 24 samples, please use a 96-well plate format.
    1. After sealing the plate, we recommend taping cardboard to both the top and bottom of the plate in order to prevent damage to the seal.
    2. Use a seal rated to withstand extreme cold, such as the Excel Scientific AlumaSeal II Aluminum Foil Sealing Tape.
    3. After sealing and protecting the plate with cardboard, place it inside a ziplock freezer bag, then into your dry ice cooler for shipping.
  4. If sending <24 single tubes, please seal the tubes using parafilm to prevent sample loss during shipping.
  5. Do not ship DNA samples in .2ml microtubes, please use 1.5ml or 2ml tubes that are then placed inside a cardboard sample box.